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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Heart !

Hey, I wanna let my pictures to tell you guys my Hearts at this current time !

my former classmates : the morgirls pink and green also shane the pinkish lover !

the three of us gone out for movie and foods ... and fun !

actually , to complete us I need another two ...

So bad, I don't have current pictures with Frederick ak Gon ... Actually, he's the one !!!

I miss Fredo damn much ! He is my best best and close close and good good friend of mine !!!

Also, my Ixorians are all my Heart at this current time !

My former 5C 2009 ... I miss you guys !!!

Then, my new family here in college !

My big bro, Harris and Sis Ayein ... The bro remind me a lot of Fredo ...

Then, my movie friends... the girls... 

They are Mas the Gedix, Alza the Ngegeh and Aina the Blurr ... She's not in the picture because she take this photo !!!

And my classmates ... especially girls ...

Here they are ...

They are all my Heart at current times ... hehe :)

What else I need huh ????

My family are always forever be my Heart ...

Okay, until now ... Hope you guys enjoy the pictures ... mua HA HA HA


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