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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Born Day Anniversary to my Lil Sis!

Before I forgot, I would like to wish my Little Sister, Auni Umairah binti Abdul Mutalip a Happy Birthday!

Make a wish, maybe I can help to to fulfill the wishes ...
Just to let you know that I love you! 

NAH, here a picture of cake for you !

My Lil Sis, you said to me that you want a new phone. I'll try to get you one okay.
But, promise me that you will study hard for your UPSR next year. Rajin2 tolong mak kat rumah. Nanti kita pindah rumah baru, tolong mak kotakan dan realisasikan impian nya nak design ala2 vintage and old English okay! Nanti, abang beli barang2 kat sini... Can't wait!!!

I miss all of you, so bad I was study miles away from you. 

Abang Faiz rindu jahak mak, ayah, abang izzat, abang haziq, kak erma dan auni ok.

Sayang kelew memin! Neh mun ngak jadi cikgu kena lah abng Faiz melei mcm2 gak aw...

My family is nothing compared to my LIVES!



love: izzul faiz :)

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