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Saturday, February 12, 2011

tomorrow is Valentine's Day

Good Morning! 
I was still awake, feeling well and still fresh... while my other room mates are all depart in their dream world. I have sleeping for hours this evening after having a tough time looking at my works and tasks... OMG!
This semester is freaking busy, I guess or maybe it's early for me to assume. This semester requires cash a lot, patient and more energy. I have no time for leisure only if I manage to organize well my schedule. Only if... I was actually start working on my assignments, yet feel dizzy looking at those articles to read, I have myself time for Facebook a while and update anything I suppose too. Check my Twitter, then scroll down my Tumblr dashboard, it's a MUST for me each day I was in front my Dell :)
Also, yesterday (i mean few hours back) I have no rice for myself to eat, I do feel hungry but I have the appetite. 
Enough, too much of other things not related to my entry actually. So, today is February 13th. Tomorrow will be the day the couples waiting for, Valentine's Day, also my friends birthday! As previous year, Valentine is not for me, never for me to celebrate. 

1st: I'm a Muslim, there's no such celebration for my religion.
2nd: I was always single even my heart was taken, will forever alone without my lovely spouse!

Well, I feel happy with my life now, and I guess I have everything I needed. Of course, I haven't have LOVE yet, but deeply in my heart I was regarded I have my LOVE already!
just a wish for everybody as means I love all of you! :)

God, I want LOVE !
I want to be loved and want to love ! I know my love is forbidden, so open my eyes towards the love as you wanted!
Before it was too late :)
I was tired being lonely, even I was never alone!

T H A T . I S N ' T . T H E . E N D

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