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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another L O V E story

I miss you like crazy. I'm still not over how I'll never get to kiss you again, run my fingers through your hair, look into your eyes, or just hug you. I'll never get to lie in the park with you just watching clouds and not having to say anything, just being happy because I'm in your arms. I liked your rather weird hair, your sense of humour, your perverse mind, the occasional annoying conversations, the funny random noises you made, the burning touch of your fingertips on my skin, and how you took my breath away and never gave it back. I hate how you said all those magical things you didn't mean and for the permanent ache you've left in my chest. I wish you'd done something to make me hate you, it would've made it easier. But I could never hate you. I can't stand to think of you with someone else, and you looking at her the way you looked at me, and not even remembering me. You weren't the shiniest button in the box, but I still don't see any flaw in you. To you I'm nothing anymore and just another girl you went out with. My friends didn't see what I saw in you. But to me you are amazing. And it kills me knowing that you don't want me.

p/s: I feel so GAY! hahaaa :)

T H A T . I S N ' T . T H E . E N D

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