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Saturday, December 11, 2010

my story of being a loner

happy mid nite all !
actually, i have less to say here because it has been few days i didn't go anywhere. i just stay at home so do i am, i was asigned to "jaga rumah" my uncle. they went for a vacations to Johor & Singapore. my sister was joinin them as well. so, i'm being alone ths few days. nothin much i do, watchin tv, movies, feed the fishes, cook & eat simple dish, online much, playin badminton by hittin the shuttle to the wall (kinda playin squash, but i enjoy, sound crazy) , AND i thnk that's all. indeed NOTHIN MUCH! but i enjoys!
act, i've plan wth my bff here to have a walk tgther, went for a window shop, for a food out, and so so so. it's not that i've only one friends here in SIBU, but it's just all of them were not here now for sure. hihii. i'll much understand why. it's HOLIDAY! some were there, here, abroad, here & there! kah3...
anyway, i'm quite happy now because tomorrow maybe i'm goin out wth one of my friends. humm, wonderin how it will be?!
i have no car license, but i can drive. yess! but only on a straight road wthout changing gear 4! kah3...
there's 2 car leavin just like a model, cool of never being warm for few days. hihii.
it's ok, i'll make them HOT!
ok, that's all for now!

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