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Monday, December 13, 2010

dozy dozy ! dusshhh ! blackberry ?

a warm mid nite to all readers !!! 
well ths time as usual i'm goin to post and write somethin took place for today's event! hehe... hope u guys enjoy reading my day! but, it's a hell of me of not being able to took any picture as a result of my events today, just absent-minded. however, i'll show u guys my photo for todays. x sah klau post wthout any pictures. agree?

ths is me today, evilness! i'm goin out wth eddy once again. but today, we met someone extra. my BFF fredo!!! ths is their 1st time meetin each other. before ths we gettin knw each other through facebook. nvertheless, each of them had heard piece of each other from me. hehe.

dear evil.... :) muahaahaaa

my new facebook profile pic!

so shut up!

inside , weirdo pose !

 so, tht's me today, 13 December 2010, my fren's birthday! whomaira & joo weq , HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
hehe... so, we plan for an outin at parkson, nowhere else in Sibu. but, fredo got here & there commintments, so he pick us late. but, eddy and me dah cyap2 suda. xcited gila suda maw out, so we decide to take bus. no bus, hell! van... no van also!!!!
so, what????? we foot walk laa... it's 1-2 kms... woww.... sweatin very2 bad, hwever we still smells good ! hehe :)
then, we met! fred wth his nxt door class8 and her cuzzy, nak dating ngan class8 fredo. then, they go separate ways. fredo ngan kita orng. we go makan2 KFC, coz it's the only the nearest *from whre we stand! kah3....
there's 3 counter, so we q each counter. fred win, 2nd eddy, last me! ada tikus kuar dr dapur KFC lalu dpan i masok Pizza Hut sebelah. customer nxt me was speechless!!! :)
haha... then, dozy2... mcm2... then, hantar kwan fredo balik ruma. haha :)
so quick... no use of outin. then, lepak2 ruma i... hihii.. watchin piranha 1 but BORING! then watchin latest piranha, i serve them tidbits also junk and cold drinks... then gossips2, story2... laugh, and so so so.... enjoy! :)
then, i msak mee goreng untok dia orang. plan maw buat cadbury HOT drinks, but goods when it is COLD. then coleslaw as usual, just plain. hehe :)
we eat, we share experiences in our own IPG, lots more.... talks more!!!!!!!! :)
then, fredo chow, her MUM calls him to pick her Mum at Kemuyang! bye2 fredo. he promise of outin another tmorow. hehe :) eddy stay wth me!
then, kmas2 dapur, washin dishes... lots of dishes. isi air, buat air. sapu dapur. thn watch sequel ANTM cycle 14 wth eddy. havin my foots some massage by Osim technology... hehe :)
then, go on9...
tht's my LIFE for today...
ehhh, WAIT!!!!!

well, i tell u. i got Blackberry's box only! haha.... it's my uncle loor....
but, i want it!!!!!!!!!


ok ok.... thts all... bye!!!!!

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