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Monday, October 17, 2016

8 months now

Peace be upon you, dear reader!
Phewww, who have ever expected that it has been 8 months (to the time of writing) now I have been teaching in school. So many to tell, so much to express, and a lot to share. I just came back from a week course at IPG Kampus Rajang, Bintangor and it was really tiring but worth it. Now, I come back to share beautiful things that I have experienced teaching in this very school.

I have no idea how or what to start with, but let make this post personal. I started to love teaching and really looking forward to what I can do to bring changes to the school or my pupils. When I say "started to love teaching", it did not mean that I have no passion in teaching all this while, but it is only now that I regard teaching as important, very very important to me as a teacher. Teaching isn't all about teacher and his teaching, but "Does learning occurs when you teach?" is another story. That very question must be taken into serious thought, however most teachers worry at the figures that received every months in their account.

I realised that, we always need to put ourselves at pupils's shoes. We might think that we deliver the easiest content, yet we blame the kids for their incomprehensible response. Why is it hard for them to understand? -to be continued

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