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Thursday, May 28, 2015


Peace be upon you!

Have you ever be in a situation, when you are willingly to do whatever it takes to make your loved one happy and to see them smile?

To cut a long story short, I was not supposed to be back this term break as I had planned a 2 vacations with my fellow friends, the first week I'll be going to Phuket, a road trip back to Kuala Lumpur from Hat Yai. Then, I will get back to work on the second week and fly to Padang, Indonesia on the third week and will expected to experience fasting at other country.

But, yesterday morning as I woke up and received a call from my mom, persuading me to go back to Sarawak and I had a hard time saying no, though I had booked all the tickets for the trips and had promised couple of people, how am I going to tell them if I have to cancel everything. My mom did ask me, if I am willing to burn both my tickets to Phuket and Padang, she will book another ticket to Sarawak.

At last, I made up my decision later that evening and I'm coming home. So, I checked on the ticket and it was nearly RM400. So, it was just ok. I was to make the booking but my Maybank2u did not seem to work out, so I ask my mom to buy from an agent, and my friend is working for the agent.

This morning, I received the itinerary from my friend via Whatsapp and was surprised to see the digits, it was fucking RM775 which is double up from what we saw the day before. The perk of buying an air ticket through an agent! And my mom need to pay another RM40 to the agent that sum up a total RM815 for a fucking last minute air ticket. My friend feel bad and even ask my mom few time whether to proceed and my mom without hesitation tell her to proceed, no matter how high the price she had to pay!

I called my mom straight away, she should have call me before making that decision as the air ticket was damn expensive. She said, NEVER MIND AS LONG YOU BE BACK THIS HOLIDAY!

I almost burst to tears, she end the call, yes she did, and I reflect to her sacrificing. Thanks, Mom. You do whatever it takes as long as you will be able to see me this holiday and I don't make burning my tickets to Phuket and Padang to ashes.

I shall remember this date and day, when your mom put her son and children above all!

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