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Monday, June 2, 2014


Well, it has been quite a long time since my last updates. Been very busy and I hope it is never too late to welcome June! Phew
By the way, peace be upon you!

Today is my off day from work, since I work six days per week and I have a day break. Tiring, indeed and I really need today to rest, cook my favorite meal, enjoy sipping coffee or latte and lock myself into reading, at the same time escape the reality and enthuse to the fantasy. I had been moving from one coffee shop to another, just to give my tongue different tastes of each. Thus, I come to realize that the cheapest coffee can have a similar taste to the expensive, or maybe I am wrong. Since I have ample of time sitting and reading and sipping, so why don't I spare some little minutes to update my little blog. Too many to tell but I forgotten which and which and where to start. After all, I enjoy today to the fullest.

It's school holiday and my term break as well. My term break this time is nearly a month, what on Earth am I doing in KL and not going back to Mukah? Well, I am going to work my ass out for money as I freaking need a driving license and I have been driving illegally ever since. I remembered the day my mom called ans she asked me to check for the air ticket and insisted me to go back, that the day after I have to decide whether to go back home or not. Since I have place to stay over a month in KL at my friend's house, somewhere located nearby my workplace so I do not have to quit my job and I can earn some cash this holiday, instead having a leisure rest at home, I decided and told my mom that I would not go back Sarawak. Since that day, she keeps calling me almost everyday and I know my family missing me, it has been 5 months, I am never be distance from them this long. However, I am eager and looking forward to see them this coming Eid Mubarak.

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I feel weak, I don't feel like writing now. Ok, I just want to enjoy my Latte. Bye!

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