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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The kindness of a stranger

Awesome! I  don't think so I can write as awesome as that. I mean, the entry's post sounds grabbing and you know, a kind of post that everyone likes to read. I had an awesome experience, but I have no awesome skills to write it here. Just read this...

"While I was walking and talking to myself on the "Kindness of a Stranger", out of sudden a car passed by me and stop and offer me a ride to my destination"

Serious, I was walking and observing people surround me and this "Kindness of a Stranger" pop-out in my mind and keep talking about it to myself. Yes, I might look like a stupid but it I did that. I love talking to myself. I need no responses but I need someone to listen while I do the talking. Then, seriously a car passed by and stop and literally open the window and offer me a ride. Even, that person stopped the car without giving signal and a few car behind honked that person. So, quickly i entered the car. Well, actually why do I so convinced to enter the car? The might be series murder or killer. We had heard a few weeks ago at Pandan Indah Station, a girl been raped by few men and in Gombak, a serious murder happened too?! Well, let me tell you this. He wasn't really a stranger. We meet each other almost everyday (almost or rarely) but we never talk and he is student in my campus. So, we are campus-mate. But, yeah we never talk to each other, but we smiled. That is why without thinking, i could accept that offer. He wasn't really a stranger, actually.

Seriously, I wrote in English again? I just realized it. Well done, high five to myself!

Hey, its my best best friend Fredo Perry or Frederick Gon's Born Anniversary and I almost forgotten to wish him a Happy Birthday. Don't worry, I did it!

Today, I sat for my very first paper, LGA 3103, Teaching Stories for Young Learners in the ESL Classroom. Ok. I could say I did pretty well for the paper despite a few questions layback my attention.
After all, I left the exam hall with a big wide smile on my face. Hope this effort paid off.

I think, that is all for now.  OS X Mavericks took me ages to finish downloading. Why oh why?!


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