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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I almost done!

While waiting for the Mavericks to finish downloading, I put my Macbook on standby while I'm reading some notes. It has been few hours. I can't blame the connection as I have a full bar connection that I can watch You Tube without buffering. I have no idea why this downloading can take so much time. From 3pm, if I'm not mistaken and obviously not because I kept on staring at my watch ticking.

Okay. I almost done reading my notes and it almost time for my dinner too. I need to leave early today because I need to go to Kinokuniya, KLCC for KL Noir White Book Launching, that I actually have been waiting for.

So, I will try to wait for an hour to 7pm. Then, I need to feed myself with food before head to KLCC. The launching starts at 8pm and end at 9pm.

Or, should I give up waiting? It just make through 50% and another 50% to finish downloading. Should I wait or should I give up?

Fine. Another hour. Wait and I decide.

Regarding the notes I read, well I almost done. Actually, I am done or I was because I skip a few chapters, rather important chapters. I skip because I want to read it with focus in the train later. Well, that few last chapters are very very and very important. I should have read it!

Ok. Few minutes before 6pm. Should I just left my Macbook here and go grab my dinner. So fickle-minded.

Ok. Fine. I wait and wait wait wait.

That is all for now.


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