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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Exam is just around the corner...

Peace be upon you.
It has been awhile I did not post entries in English. I feel awkward if I do.
I am here, back in Universiti Malaya Library. It has been years I have not step into this library.
I remember last time, I used my friend's ID to connect to the WiFi and I kept it hidden somewhere in my long lost phone. I try to recall somehow I forgotten. I am not a good at memorizing number. So, I tweet my friend and try to ask her to clarify and so she answered, she forgotten. In fact, she's in UTM Skudai now. How time passes with the blow of the wind. My English sucks!

Okay, as I arrived here I entered without actually registered at the counter. Just so you know, outsiders must first register and fill in form so forth and have the pass to enter library. Well, pretending to be one of the students, I entered and went up straight to level 4 because usually it provides more personal space for plug in or what-so-ever. I took out my Macbook (yes I have one <-- pretender) and try to look for connection. Believe me, they have upgraded their service. No more Password needed and its a free connection by the way!

So, I decide to spend sometimes on my blog. Update whatever is necessary.

Well, I have exam coming so soon. Soon! And it will be on this Wednesday and Thursday and a few days gap before the next papers.
Preparation, don't ask me about it as I just officially started last night.
So, today I decide to study on my own and later at night we will continue the group discussion.

Exam is just around the corner... 30th Oct is my best friend's wedding?! Haha, no its my best friend's Frederick or Fredo 21st Born Anniversary! Also, my first paper fall on that date. And, KL Noir White Book Launching also takes place on that day at Kinokuniya, KLCC. Well, I have a lots to do on that day, I guess.

Oppps, I forgotten that #seratusmulut also due this end of month and I have not send mine to them. Well, I have done my puisi and I have difficulties to choose the best to send. Well, I hope that my poems will be selected and it will be publish this year end. If so, I have my own book published, of course collaborate writers you all! Haha

I think I just have enough of this and have to say Good bye at this moment.

Wait for my next poem ok!

12.32 pm
27 Oct 2013
UM Library


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