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Monday, September 19, 2011

Go craze and mess up!

I am sorry for neglecting my blog for quite some time. I am not away from computer or even banned from using internet. I was here, online but I don't feel to update what I am up to. 
As for yesterday, just an hour ago, I had submitted 2 assignments that was done last minutes. The latest it was done was at 3pm. Still, you can see bright smile on my face.
I know myself feels stress and depress. Because, I acted out of my norm. I go crazy and mess myself up with things that I should not do. I have things to do but end up doing not beneficial things like wandering around and teasing friends doing their work. Luckily, I have 3 free period today and free to do those crazy things. 
It was actually signs and symptoms that show my level of stress. I was! I have friends to talk to, but won't let they know what I feel.
Well, as for now, I have nothing to do. Actually, I got something to do but end up updating my blog. I have no focus, my thoughts are all out from my mind, my body is not united with soul. 
I am really at the state of critical. Critical. But, thanks GOD I am not insane. 
Enough of myself.
I am done with 2 assignments. Now, I can focus on another 2. My movie clip and reflection essay and also an academic writing of 1200 words. Then, I have final exam to sit in November. I must get myself ready for it. I must excel with flying colors. 

Ok then. Byeeeeeeeeeee

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