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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Event

I am here because I have something to update. Today, we were done with video clip preview, final presentation. This morning was my first time watching the video, indeed it was my group's video. My team mates done the video editing last night and I could not watch the final till this morning in the class. We had undergone so much trouble and situation before we finally and successfully preview it today. In the beginning, our plot was rejected because of we have no focal point and focus on events. We mix up everything and it deserved shown as drama series. At last, after listen to commentary we get rid some of the event and we work on one solid conflict and a concrete resolution, a very clear cut movie clip. However, our production have problem in video tapping which we can't find people that can help us transferring the video to pc. We were so run out of time and time wasted waiting to transfer it. A bad situation such that never end. We still have challenges during the making of the video and we have learn so  much through it. All I can say was we were in a critical stress situation but we never fight each other so far. Thanks to God. Praise you! Today, we deserved applause from my classmates. As they watching the movie, they were still and silent till the end, and they response positively towards it. Even though there's cut scene and less video animation or technical, less dialogue and more action but we receive positive commentary from the lecturers that evaluated us. Today was really a happy day for me and the rest of group members.

In the evening, I attended a meeting regarding Bulan Bahasa Kebangsaan which will be held in October. There are 10 (actually 9, but the lecturer wanted a round number) activities that I need to handle. Basically, I will not handle everything, but observe and make sure everything done on plan and within the time. We will have another meeting for the closing ceremony, maybe later. I have to think of budget, date because October will be busy with other activities too. The junior who are in charge of some the activities will be going to Pangkor on 9-13 October, and on the fourth week, there will be Minggu Bahasa Antarabangsa (International Languages Week). Argghh. I can imagine how busy the month will be later. Thus, I need to get myself ready physically and mentally.

Okay. Enough said. I need to reassemble the date for the competitions for next month. I am tired thinking of it all over again. Bye and wish me all the best and good luck. :)

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