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Friday, August 5, 2011


Yesterday, I sleep for just an hour plus 4 hours this morning. Time is so limited due to lots of assignments and other commitments. Luckily, I did not sleep in the class today as the classes were not boring like previous day. Now, I am at the library to free my brain from thinking of my assignments. I have done with the materials searching and now I will start to write the assignments. I have learn to love what I do and that is why I am less complaining compared to the last semester. I am realize that, it is not the students in my college are always busy but almost all of other students of other colleges of different course are working hard for their assignments. I am not the only one who was busy at all time and spending hours at the library, indeed there were others too. If i had sacrificed hours of my sleeping time, others are doing the same too. Having said, I should not always force myself until the limit, I can always delayed the work depends on its priority. Right?

Okay then, readers. Thanks for being such a loyal reader of mine. Now, you guys have idea of my state. I am currently busy and it will never end. But, if I put attitude in completing all of my works, there's no more excuses of not to do, no complaining of having tonnes of works, but I only have reasons of being happy doing the routine. :)

We now comes to the end of my self awareness. Bye.


Pu Huiren said...

keep it up boy ! ^^

Lizzie said...

hey there :)
did you saw my Crush anywhere? LOL