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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The New Spirit

Morning, everyone ... I knew that not so many people will read my blog. My followers increase a number in a week. Well, it does not turn off my spirit to write more and keep updating my blog day by day. The main purpose I wrote this blog is to improve my language and writing skills. The more I write, the more I can learn from my mistakes then improvise to be better until my better is best! I don't need much followers instead, but I need more writing and posts from myself. As I said earlier, I'm not going to write about food which will make people lingering with or on travel and places because I have no time as well as budget to go travelling or anything that will caught your attention to read. Well, I just wrote on my everyday life so I can say that my blog is actually an online diary. I tell you guys everything on my everyday life. Living for 19 years now, I had experienced so many things that I would like to share with you guys. From the happiness till my sadness. Obviously, I'm not a good writer. I still learn ways to improvise my writing skills. Enough with that.

Just now, I had work very hard to create a new header for my blog. If you guys are my loyal followers and keep on reading my updates, you will realized that I keep on changing my header till currently I did not use any. Then, I found my blog is kinda boring so I make up a decision to create new header that will most probably being used for times ahead. But I think my first masterpiece was kinda nice. Do you think so?

Thus, I hope that with new header will make me more and more anxious of updating my blog and invite more and more people to read  mine. Guys, if you do blog walking, do follow me directly. Hahaa :)

Okay everyone ...
Until then... Bye!


Florinta Edward said...

I do read your blog coz I love to know what you are up to :)

Izzul Faiz Abdul Mutalip said...

kak flo,
thx so much...
it had been 2 weeks m not online and update anythin on my blog, post anythin on my fb, and tweet anythin for my twitter... hehe... even i have so much to share and to post and to tweet...
again, thx thx and thx.... :)