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Thursday, April 7, 2011

It just nothing but pictures with words...

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I kiss a girl and I like to it!

Just for you my Snow White ... :)

Definitely! I will not look for you Taylor Swift but you one day will look for me...
Don't worry, I had planned to say "yess..."

I am now in my Social Studies class, well like usually we watch movie now. I tell you, it took us 2 weeks to complete watching 2 movies that was actually just less than 2 hours duration of each movie.
I just don't understand why is it him so so so eager to watch movies instead of teaching us more and more important things that will most probably will be asked in the exam later. I'm not that narrow minded to say that we gained nothing from watching the movies, it just that there are more and more important things that we can do. We spend the whole period of lessons this few weeks just watching movies and assignments of the reflection. Well, it's up to him. He's my lecturer and what else can I say. 

Guys, enough of said. Until then. bye.

P/S: Writing really turn me on! Once I wrote the first word, and it is so hard to come to an end...

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