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Monday, February 14, 2011

my valentine

So, that's the end of Valentine Day???

Nothing mean so special to me, every year seems to be the same. However, I found it more meaningful this year. I guess, for the first time I have something given by someone for valentine. 
Enough, today my life little be ok then previous day. I woke up early at 5am, doing some works that was undone, then having light breakfast ngan roti je, gini lah living on my own. I was so relax this morning until I decided nak g kelas PJK at 7.50am. I thought it was early, however lecturer awal pula hari ni. DAMN! 
PJK hari ni fun sangat, this week we apply flexibility and undergoes some activities which I found fun. :) *tabik DR AZITA
then, kelas AGAMA kita masuk topik KAHWIN and guess what the girls in my class banyak je solan nak tanya pasal kawin ni. and the guys like "huh?"
cool je, I was lil bit shock because most of them were excited when come to this topic, but I was like "lantak la korang, aku tengah siap kan task ES aku yg x siap nihh"
gila punya sempat aku buat kerja lain masa tuhh
*clap for myself :)
then, basic mathematics this time Mdm Hamidah pulak lambat masok kelas, and she told us that dia punya LCD was took by other class. KASIAN pulak, hehee
then recess time pergi makan kat kantin, punya la I load nasi mcm 10 hari x makan, and people keep on askin:

"apa kes ni izzul, coba crita skit"

I cakap la,
 "I skrang makan nasi skali shari je"

"X da maknanya makan sekali kalau sekali tu pun dah makan macam 5 hari"

Tersentap kott aku, aihh LANTAK AKU LAH ! :)

guess wat, aku paling lambat habis, x pernah ku sangka, adoyaii :)
 then, aku balik kelas... macam biasa tiap kali hari isnin je pasti ada kes hilang kerusi, ntah la pencuri kerusi kuar hari isnin je. actually, I write my name on the chair in case my chair was taken by people in my class. YESS, they did! aku x kisah aku kena turun 5 tingkat nak ambik kerusi tu, TAPI APA YANG AKU X PUAS HATI SANGAT SEBAB KERUSI AKU X KNA CURI OLEH ORANG LUAR, TAPI KENA AMBIK OLEH CLASSMATE AKU YANG KERUSI NYA KENA AMBIK. NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!! WALAU PUN ITU KERUSI KERAJAAN MALAYSIA, TAPI AKU PUNYA KERUSI ADA NAMA TU AKU PUNYA!!! JANGAN LAH AMBIK, KORANG YANG KENA CURI KERUSI TU P CARI SENDIRI LA. JGN NAK AMBIK HAK ORANG!

punya la PANASSSSS hati aku nih tadi ngan orang tu, nak sentuh2 aku pulak, APA LAGI IZZZULL FAIZZZ NIHH , pantangg!!!!!!!!!!!!
then, aku pi sindir lagi orang tuh. ada aku kisahh!!!
aku tulis nma kat kerusi dan meja in case ada orang x btanggungjawab nak MENCURI boleh la aku detect! GERAMMM!!!!!!!!!!
orang tu pulak taw takutt... hagaga :)

then, hari tu jugak I receive a present from my friend, Ayn Moore!
I didn't expected her to give me a present for Valentine Day, we're not even couple but we do love each other as friends. I love her as my best friend, but lately so much things happen... the friendship ruin! and I was in between of the problem. I mean, persahabatan kita orng dah dibahagikan kepada 2 groups pulak. and they are hating (not sure) each other... My case, dengan both group I have no problems. Not at all. No matter what, I being friend with who ever as long as I have no problems with them. 
Ok, talkin on the present... It was a purple box, and a kemeja purple colour! She has such a good taste, I love the colour, very pale and pastel colour! Nice...
I have no chance to snap a picture on the present sebab x maw la my room8 gossip2 bout the present later on. hehe :) 
kang banyak pula solan yg kna I jawab.... hahaah :)
then, there's a own made card and wish for me
actually, this present is for my birthday which will come so soon.
logically, I'm havin no birthday this year as my birthday will only come once in a four year... anyway, THANKS THE VERY STRONG!
x henti2 kot I say thanks to HER. sebab I x expect she will do that. and I have nothing to give her back... the only things yang dapat I bagi maybe my sincerity in our friendship, and thanks for being such a good friend of mine :)
our FRIENDSHIP is my gift to you !!!
with so much things happened lately, we seems to be not so close anymore but anything you need me, I was there for you!
and this night too, she call me askin whether I like the shirt given by HER ke x. OF COURSE I LIKE it babe... so MUCH! then the conversation turn into something else that u guys shouldn't have to know bout :)
dah2 valentine before this mana da dpat presents, even during my birthday yg jarang2 ada lagilah.... and the present yang I dapat today was like AWESOME!
then, mostly my friends no nothing bout the present, because I hide from them. X nak timbul apa2 gosip or fitnah. cukup sekadar boh of us je yg taw... :)

hahaa... actually ada 1 2 3 benda yg mungkin I forgot to write on... sesungguhnya living as me will never boring but always lonely. so, thats my major events for valentine day. esok pulak Maulidur Rasul, HOLIDAY!

OK, I should pen off now ! thanks for reading ... ignore Grammar mistakes, as long as u enjoy reading my blog, that would be enough! :)


T H A T . I S N ' T . T H E . E N D

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