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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

celebrity fitness

hello , nothin much to share but this one moment i would like to share with u guys
i went out with bro rayyan harris to mid because he wants to pay wimax bills, later we met ayu and chacha, then we went food stuff shop at carrefour. 
after that we go late dinner at food court but bro harris and me beli makan kat jusco je, there's cut off in price, 50%, 30%.... haha... besh giler, he really taught me a budget kind of thing.
then, we pass by celebrity fitness and decided to listen a talk on price and so so.... then..
OMG! she's fucking hot. i thought the girl with iphone sitting facing me was chinese girl but at last i realise that she was Tiz Zaqyah... damn gorgeous!!!
we thought it is not a good time to disturb her with photo session and so, so i take her picture from far... with not so good camera phone ... *sigh

she's HOT i told u... hehe :)
then, we out from mid whre all the shop close already, pergi blari2 plak dalam mid... haha :)
luckily arrived campus exact 11pm... lol
enjoy giler....
ok la, should pen off..
nak facebookin lagi, then tumblering, than tweet her picture....

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