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Sunday, November 16, 2014

This weekend!

I cant wait to be homed! Guess what, its freaking this week! This week gonna be our last week for this freaking semester, I can count with fingers how many days that I had spend at home this year. Since early this year, I was back to college and stayed for almost 7 months and went home for a week Eidulfitri's break.

Hold on, I reread my sentences dan aku rasa aku merepek.

But before, there are many things I hate to do before balik cuti semester.

1. Packing barang and angkut barang simpan kat common room.
2. EXAM, yes I have 2 papers awaiting before I can go back home!
3. I am still thinking what it is.

Tak sangka, by this weekend aku dah bangun kat katil aku sendiri kat rumah. I must be feeling like heaven. This term-break katanya nak lose some fats and pounds, well we see about it. This year end holiday jugak my former high school classmate is getting marry! There are many things I want and will do for this upcoming holidays and for sure aku nak berehat sepuasnya as I have not seeing home for more than half a year...

Ok. I supposedly study for my paper tomorrow by I think I am going to read my Murakami's After The Quake first, what about it?


Till then, bye :)

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