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Monday, September 22, 2014


In life, we wanted to be surrounded by many people, being loved by many of them too, being adore and wanted. Never in life you wanted to be alone and alone and sit at the corner staring a the blind plain walls, just to have time for yourself. Never.

But, there's always a time when you're feeling down, you escape the whole things that ruining you and you stay away from people, need exactly a-me-time, on your own. Well, I was writing this when I feel like this.

I need time of my own, where I need to organize the scattered feeling in my heart and mind. Too many thing running and chasing, swirling like clothes in the washing machine.

Maybe, I feel down. Life a wheel, some says. Sadly, it is all true. There is a time when you are up high in the blue sky, there is also a time when you re down deep at the bottom of the blue sea, and all you wanted after all is a-me-time, on your own.

Life is a rotation, like a wheel. Bullshit. Sadly, life is a cycle and a rotation. What you give you get back. What goes around, comes around.

Why life can't be so perfect? Well, the answer is in you. The key of life perfection is when you believing everything you have in life is sufficient, and all  you ever wanted more is isn't. Nothing else, whatever you have is enough and you are grateful for all this, if only you are, then only you are feeling life is a perfection.

At the moment like this, you need a place like beach and sea. Wide that you are a human seen like an ant. All you wanted to do is to sit on the sand and stare at the sea, looking at it aimlessly while actually sorting whatever swirling in the mind, slowly. All you can heard is the sound of the wave, the sound of the blue sea, the sound of the birds flying freely and nothing else hugs and hits you, but the breeze and wind. A perfect-me-time everyone ever wanted.

I need a-me-time, on my own :)

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