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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

This is it!

It is like walking on a very narrow bridge that anytime sooner or later you might fall down, down beneath that you have no idea how dark and bottom it is. Make no mistakes, but you need to focus the journey, walking carefully to the furthest end. There is no time to waste or away from anything that making you carried away. How does it feel. This is it!
So many things that you left behind regretted, you make it no point to learn from any of those. In fact, you make more mistakes that initially you think what you're doing are all right. You're right, just the way you want it. This is it!
Down. You feel deep down. You cried. You regret. Just for a day or worse just for a few hours. You forgotten. You do it again. You repeat. You feel like bullshit. This is it!
This is it! This is it! This! Is! It!!!

I feel like running away, running away from this planet. To a planet that I am unknown so I start fresh and new. This is it! I never let myself from not thinking the impossible that at last what it got me? Disappointment.

Wake up, you are sleeping too long. You are dreaming too long. Wake up and face the reality. This is it!

Nota kaki: If only I can explain what it is!

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