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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dearest, Mom

Happy Mother's Day to my beloved, loveliest, greatest and strongest mom in the world!

I love you when you're strong, I love you when you're weak.

I love you when you're right, I love you when you're wrong.

Mom, at times I feel that you're annoying. At times, I was the luckiest person ever on Earth of having you.

You know me, I'm not a type who shows my feeling and emotions, because it is actions that matters.

I love you, sorry if I had or I have cause trouble to you.

Sorry that I disappoint you every time.

Thanks, because you're the most understand mom that I ever have.

Thanks :)

I love you. We love you. Ayah, Abang Izzat and Ika, Haziq, Erma and Auni, we all love you!

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