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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Starting over... 2104

It is easier said than done.
I hope it is way not too late to wish a warm brand New Year, 2014.
It is a starting over for most of the people and they believe that a new year is good day and way to start over a good days ahead, leaving all the worries and worse-past.

Well, me too! But, this year I keep the resolutions myself. There is no point telling the whole world what you want to achieve and by the end of the year, people will question you back, is your resolutions all achieved?

I hope, the year 2014 is a good year for me despite a few challenges that I have to face in the beginning of the year.

This year will mark my first ever collaboration-book ever been published. Remember, last year I joined Seratus Mulut Community and my puisi had been selected as one of the 100th. So, the book is believed to be coming out soon, in February. In fact, this coming 22nd February, we will be having our own very first event in Tasik Taman Jaya, PJ and the book will be launching on the day itself. Insha Allah, I can't wait!

Also, I am in Semester 5 this year and I will go for a practicum for a month. That will be in April onward. I am super-super excited but at the same time nervous and discourage. Well, a teacher is a profession that deal with emotion and human and definitely it is not easy.

Actually, I do have lots to share here. Remember, I wanted to share my experiences after managing the first ever wedding ceremony in the family?
Then, a few situations that I was facing before I enter a new semester?
There are really lots to share but I couldn't find any time to fit in, for me to spend writing it here.

This year 2014 is a Visit Malaysia and my classmates and I are all planning to go Cuti-Cuti Malaysia. However, this semester is going to be a packed-one.
We have Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan this coming March and I have to go for praticum in the school for a month in April and the holidays are so limited this semester.

Really need to find time to fit in.

Assignments are all piling and coming in like a leaking tap. Everything must be done before April and I am loaded and burdened with lot and lot of tasks to do.


Ok. Enough said, by the way I did wrote a few poems all this while and I will post it here ok?!

My friends and I were actually plan to publish our very first "zine" entitled 3Rasa; Cinta, Benci & Rindu and we were trying very hard now to make the collections. Wish us all the best ok!

And, I am also planning to write an autobiography of myself. It isn't really an autobiography but more or less the same. I plan to write the journey I will be taking ahead before I completing my degree. Its like "dua tahun menuju hari-hari terakhir di IPBA... and everything that I had faced or will face here in my campus..." and there will be no secrets at all... Ok.

Enough said, bye!

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