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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

When hater do the stalk...

I have no idea why so sudden this strike my mind... Crossing over the zebra line in my mind. Well, do you ever believe in intuition. Somehow or rather, our intuition tells us best. Question, does my intuition now tell me best? I guess, its a Yes!
I have change my url yesterday, and doing some improvement and editing to my blog... I plan to be more transparent this time round, nothing that I will hide. No more. This is my blog, whether you like it or not, please respect what I have written here. I know I might be writing about you guys. So, just bear with it. Will you?
Out of the blue, while I am thinking of something best to write here, my inner side was telling myself "haters...stalking..."
Well, its a fine topic and I would like to discuss it over here. You know when someone really cares about you? Cares as in the opposite ways, they wanted to know what you are up to, what is happening to you and many other things. Why? Does they really cares or they have other agenda. Who knows they might laughing at your back knowing what you are up to now.
Have you ever feel when you hate or dislike somebody and you tend to stalk him or her and very curious of what he or she is doing. Haters will always do that, they will do whatever it takes as long as they were informed or updated with your latest stories. I bet you guys must be doing the same thing before, right? I know because I did it too before. At least not now. Why? Why should I bother? Why should I care? 
Have you ever heard this before... Haters make me famous??? 

They do make us famous? Why and how? They must be talking about us every seconds, or minutes or talking about us day by day and even they spread the words to others unnecessarily and more and more people will talk about us. Doesn't it make us famous? Though making you famous in not a good way, do you request for it? No, so why even we bother? 
I have learn a new principle in life after I had been in such terrible experience. Learn not to give your heart 100% away to other people. Learn not to give 100% trust to other people. Learn not to be dependent for other people. And the most important of all, do not be someone else than yourself just because you want to please others. Pleasing others? Yes, that was what I always did and it never turn out to be something satisfying for me.
What the hell I am talking about, I talk crap. Enough said. Well, haters, thanks for reading this. This post meant for you. Congratulations, because you finally find my blog. You did it well, you have the effort :D


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