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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The person I admire

Thanks, God! Its Friday!
I only have to attend for an hour class today but I dress like a king. What a brand new day. Another busy day in fact.
So, as I am so free (actually I have a reflection on micro teaching to be submit tomorrow and I have another reflection and folios to be submit next Monday and I have quiz to sit on Monday and the list goes on and on), I decided to spend at least 30 minutes on my blog. I have been so addicted to it since past two weeks. Since I have no one that I can trust to talk to, so I write in on my blog.
So, today I would like to talk on the person that I admire. The person that I admire is...

Source: My Pictures

So, this is me! Me, myself and I. The person that I admire is myself. If I were to ask to be another person, I would like to be myself forever and ever. Neither that I am handsome nor tall and perfect. I just love the way I am. My wholesome smile was never fake. My face never had a camouflage of make up. It was me since childhood. So, talking about the picture, it was taken two years back when I was 19 years old. It was during my foundation years and now I am in my second year degree. How time flies so fast and how I grow taller and grow side ways. I admire the person in the picture, I love the height and the weight. I want this figure back and in fact I am trying hard now.
I am born chubby and forever will be, but as I grow older, I don't think so I grow chubby but I grow fatter. I eat like I am in the Heaven and as if I don't eat for years. I should stop living this way of lifestyle and this year, I put in a new New Year's resolution which I am aiming to lose weight and achieve my dream ideal weight and build muscle too. Sounds funny, right? My friends were laughing once I told them this. Well, I am well-known for my-not-seriousness. But this time, I am serious and I want to be a better and healthy person.
Before I enter my college, I don't think so I am a temperament person. But, since I entered my college it has so much turned me into something that I am not. I am sickened by the people around me and sometime with the bad and not satisfied management by the administration. At once, I am thinking I should not be here but at once, being here has so much offer me an university of chances and opportunities. I have experience lots of things, be it good or bad and that is why I love being myself. 
Everyone in regards of status or gender or anything distinguish us, we do have same goals and dreams in life. What is the purpose of living and everyone must seek for one! Before, all I want to in life is to have a decent career that will promise me a better future. I came to school to get a proper education and scored high grades in the exam and I only things that proper education will guaranteed a decent career for me. Is this what life for? Part of it, yes. Frankly, I came from not-so-religious or pious family, somehow or rather my parents were send us to Agama class and I only learnt to Solat when I was in school. OMG! What is this post has turns into? Hehe. What I am trying to say here is, the person that I admire had done a world of sins and neglected what his religion were asking him to do. However, what I admire so much is, this person is ready for a brand new start in his life. I have done so much things in life, however I don't feel satisfied and I want more in this life. But? What is more? What is more??? I need peace! Peacefulness which religion can offers me! In the end of the day, that's decide either Heaven or Hell.
I have to drive this post another turn.
Okay. I also admire myself because I believe that God created us with what we deserved. I might want a pair of slanted eyes, lips like Angelina Jolie or nose like John Abraham or a muscular body like Randy Orton  and list goes on and on... We might want all of it and fit us perfectly, but I am telling you, be grateful to what born with. Though I am not handsome like Tom Cruise and tall like Ryan Reynolds, but I do have something special that differentiate me from all those names. I have such a perfect-nice-sincere SMILE ever in this world. That smile has turn my face cute and I just love it. I know, there must be some people who admire my smile damn much. Is there? Though I have improper arrangements of teeth, they shine my smile so perfectly.
If I were to list why and why I admire myself, the list will end up 100 pages. But, as I have other things to do, I stop till here. That is all. Hey, I have a new header. Last time, I was searching and thinking what kind of Blog am I doing. I guess I found what my aesthetic is. Since I love crapping on my daily life and voice out views, ideas and thoughts, so this is my blog will be. Its diaries, stories, gossips, thoughts, ideas, photos and more. I would like to brand my name too, IZZUL FAIZ A.M.
Until then, wait for next post. Ulalala...


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