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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The letters F R I E N D S

Anyone lives in this world must be in needs of friends. Who has no friends? I bet everyone must have friends. Be them anti-social or be them wild, they must have at least a friend. A friend that they get along easily or friends that talk out their problems. I have a lot of friends from all walks of life. When I was in primary, I have friends. When I stepped into high school, I have another friends and friends will expand as we grow up.
Friends can be define in many ways. Some have close friends, some have best friends or anything they might say but what truly defines a friend? Someone who is there in time of needs? Someone who is there when you are happy?

I remember when I was reading this one novel, it says "Friends are our siblings that God forgot to send us". Imagine, the metaphor siblings is use to describe friends? Friends can be so close to us that we afraid to lose them. Friends can be so close to us that we tell them everything be it secrets or gossips. Friends are so powerful that sometime they change our lives 360 degree. Be it good or bad. Undeniable, friends can ruin a person life as well. Whatever it is, be good to your friends.

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I believe that friends are angels in disguise. They bring joy into your life when you least expect it. I have a few friends that I can consider my best friends forever. But at this moments, they are all away from me. Away because each and everyone of us needs to pursue our dreams and studied. But, we are still in contact through net or whatever it takes as long as we are in touch.

As in my college, I have a lots of friends too. However, I am yet to discover who is my truly one. The one that I truly talk to be it my messes, stresses and more. I am a person who keep whatever I felt and sometimes it burst out unplanned. Nevertheless, I still have a few that I dare to put my trust on them. I have these 2 girls, Olga and Baiti. They are the person or friends on this Earth who has listen a lot from me. They are such a good listener other than the mirror in the toilet. Well, at most of the time, you just need a person who can listen not to give advices. Yes, they listen very attentively to my problems and somehow or rather they will try to put things back together again, right. They can calm me and that is what special about them. Unlike some other friends, they listen merely and why should I express more?

Now, I have found another friend that I can talk to. She is nice too. I knew it and that is why I dare to put my trust on her. She is Vivian. I had listen to all her problems and she listened to mine too.

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Don't you think its wonderful to have a lot of friends around you? By the way, this is food for thought. Ponder this...

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I guess that's all for now. I know I have more to say but my final words, just love your friends whoever they are and no matter in what packaging the came in. You will be loved back. Believe it!

Ahhhh, I have errands and assignments to do. Wait for more entries... I have been busy this whole week and you guys need to know why. In my later post maybe? Ok. Till then, Salam :)

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