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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The day is yet to come!

Peace be upon you, dear readers. Thanks for still be keeping in touch. Do you guys remember my last post on my birthday and how scared am I waiting for the exact day to finally appears? Indeed, it is just a few minutes more to come.
Frankly, I don't have a great (can I say greatest?) birthday celebration. Well, as I said in earlier post, I don't really expect people to surprise me and throw me eggs and flour right onto my face's moment. But, deeply and seriously I want to experience the moment and how would it really feel. Lucky that I don't expect much that in the end I will end up disappointed.
Never mind, I won't be bothered by this not-right-feeling. Go with the flow. Living my days ahead as the other days. But, I am still hoping my mom to text and wish me a birthday wishes. Well, I am still waiting... and waiting... waiting.
Though, I have errands awaiting, I just can have this feeling instill now. I feel sad, disappointed. Will get better sooner, don't worry. HAHA lol!
Anyway, for those who had wishing me a birthday wish, thank you so much. I don't really expect you guys to wish me, all I need is your sincerity and appreciation. I wanted to know how important am I to others or towards my friends.
Guys, I think I should end my post here. My roomates are here. Could not post any longer. I don't want him to know that I am writing this post. Bye


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