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Friday, February 11, 2011

class deco

Halluu !!!
This mornin I have a date with some of my classmates to deco my class at 10am. Unfortunately, I have make them waiting for me bout an hour as I woke up at 11am. Hahaa :)
Without any rush, I make a cup of hot milo and have my light breakfast with roti kering. Feeling home a while :)
Then, took my bath and wanted to do laundry after that. Malas pulak! I dress up myself a pair of jeans, black t-shirt of Universal Studios. Then walking alone to my class...
So, arrived class I help them with the deco, very simple yet undone!
Lets pictures do the talking ....

 they are all working hard, with no slippers on

 awa and aj at the back of the class

 diligent people

 for the first time, most of them just ignore the camera

 aj? at the back of kak rose?

all of them! hold on, why don't you guys seeing me helping them? haha :)

for more than 3 hours, we just finished up 25% of the deco...
then, they went for a luch at KL Central, I was not following them... humm
Until now, thanks for reading this post.
BYE :)
Have a wonderful weekend :)

T H A T . I S N ' T . T H E . E N D

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