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Monday, January 3, 2011

another first day

Assalammualaikum wbt ...

Dear all readers, sorry for not keep updating my blog for a long times even though i was on holiday before. I think it has been ages that I didn't post any new entry here. Well, during the holiday I have great experiences and moments that I would like to share with u guys, but due to lack of times to online plus bad  internet connection, I feel lazy to keep my blog. 

Anyway today, I would like to share my first day in class. Everyone will experience the same as me. This year is my Semester 2 for Foundation in TESL, of course new minor subject, and 4 major subject still to be taught. We have changes in lecturer only for LDV subject which last time by Mdm Zuraiyah. Will be missing her so much even she always nag at me! haha :) The other subject still with the same lecturer.

Well, I don't think so I came early to my class today, but my friends said I am. Maybe, it's first day so lecturer ain't come (some). I'm not hoping to directly study but it was... hahaa. Luckily I bring books!
Guess what, I was elected to be the Class Rep... OMG! I'm not ready for it. Humm, I have to carry Social Studies module for the whole class, luckily Charisma Cute wanted to help me. Then, I have to photocopy the new schedule for the whole class then distribute to them. I HATE THIS actually but I'm proud as all my friends were given their fully trust in me. Thanks, fellas ! :)

Next week, I hope that there will be our first mentor mentee as I want to make a new election for the whole class organisation. I want assistant, secretary, treasurer and also committee members or subject rep for all subject so that my work will be easy, also reduces my burden! I want to be the best Class Rep as possible... yess! *semangat tapi muka sedih, x redi lagi!
So, as a class rep, first day was a busy starter... but not really today! I have 2 task to do requested by my Agama lecturer, hahaa.... I'll do it later... hehe... :)

So, i think i should pen off now. i'll try to make u guys updated for the next day of mine... don't worry... i just have to worry bout my money left, i'm not sure how long it can stand for... our allowances perhaps will out at the end of this month... adoii!!!! 


p/s: sorry, i've no pictures to share in this post...

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