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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i love the connection!

assalammualaikum wbt
selamat malam to all cute readers!
tonight, i want to express my happiness of having lots of social network at one time!
each of them function besh on its own.... 
i got facebook as the domain, then tumblr to reblog all cute pieces from those i follow, then twitter to tweet2 my text, then formspring section to ask questions!
i just love them, also the one and only blogspot, whre i put and write all important things in my life! thx !!!

also, to say how happy tht finally my situation settle!
yah, ths few days i have some misunderstood wth my BFF ! 
well, relationship mna yg x da trun naik, goyahnya kan? and so do us!
thx God for helpin and make us realize tht there's no use to continue the stupid thngs!
i'm sorry if i did wrong, bcoz it's not purposely done.
i'm human, real human who cant escape frm makin any mistakes.
and as human like me, she should have the feeling to forgive me, wth no left revenge!
but for now, let us keep ourself silent frm each other, bcoz i need time b4 i met you.
time for myself. huu. i hope ths time you really2 understand wht i need. 
i hope after metin you, both of us will pretend like nothin ever happen between us! ok!!

love you, love everyone in my life, they are indeed special on their own!

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